Cool Runnings 1980 - 85


Cool Runnings!

The late seventies and the early eighties were the Golden Age of Reggae. Jamaican innovations sound system, dub, deejay, roots and dancehall were in full swing while at the same time Bob Marley was making the music world-known.

In Finland we were alert and active. Black Star record shop in Helsinki, run by late Tero Kaski (1950-2001), was the centre point of  connoisseurs, who started the Finnish magazine Cool Runnings (1980-85) to understand the music better, to keep up with the latest developments and to educate newcomers to this fascinating music.  

After a quarter of a century the music of that period is still most interesting, and the feature stories and reviews of the old magazines often very illuminating. 

The editors of the book are graphic designer Petri Aarnio and Pekka Vuorinen, who 25 years ago was editing the original magazines with Tero Kaski. The book is published by Fi-reggae ry, the association of Finnish reggae lovers.